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Spring/Fall Clean-Up

Marco's provides spring & fall cleanups to keep your properties looking their best all year-round. A cleanup is a great option to enhance your properties curb appeal.  

Enjoy your property this Summer - Book a Spring Clean-Up in Whitby Today!

Winter is almost finished! Let Marcos help you prepare for spring. Our professional clean up service will help you get  your property and lawn ready for the spring season ahead.


Every one of our Spring Clean-ups include detaching where we will power rake to dethatch your lawn, Clean-Up the leaves and debris, take care of your first mowing and trimming and bag all the clippings for pick up by your regions waste services.

Add core aeration to your clean up package for an even thicker, greener lawn. Aerating your lawn helps it grow by allowing nutrients, oxygen and water to reach the grass roots which is crucial for a healthy lawn in Ontario. 


Pressure Washing

Regular power washing and surface cleaning of your hard surfaces such as driveways, sidewalks and patios is important for curb appeal as well as the longevity of the surface.


Pruning & Trimming

Removing the dead or overgrown stems, roots and branches on hedges, trees and shrubs. By trimming each year, it encourages healthier, thicker and more symmetrical growth of your plants.


Eavestrough Cleaning

Clogged gutters can cause water damage, mold, flooded basements, foundation damage and more. To prevent these expensive damages it is recommended by professionals to clean your gutter twice a year.

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