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Lawn Core Aeration

Marcos is your ultimate source for lawn aeration services. We use core aerators to ventilate and loosen compacted soils, enabling air and water to penetrate deeper into the ground and reach the roots of your lawn. With proper aeration from Marco's Team, you'll enjoy a healthier, more vibrant lawn.



Aeration provides great conditions for seed germination. Overseeding will thicken existing lawns and help reduce weeds and disease.



We also offer topdressing to Improve soil structure and drainage, smooth out bumps & encourage a dense, lush lawn.


Core Aeration

Reduces soil compaction & thatch. Also promotes stronger roots and reduced water runoff/puddling.

Why should you Aerate Your Lawn?

Aerating lawns to relieve soil compaction and promote grass growth is a regular annual task almost any lawn can benefit from. The explanation is simple; Grass roots need air, water and nutrients to grow thick, deep and strong. If your soil is too compact it can deprive your lawn from its basic needs. Which will cause struggle in stressful situations, such as heat and low rainfall. This is why many lawns tend to lose their healthy, rich color half way through the season. Grasses gradually thin and eventually die out completely. Once the damage is done, it can be expensive and a work-load to rejuvenate the lawn. 

When you should Aerate?

For Laws in Oshawa/Whitby Region, it is best to Aerate in early spring. Right before your grass reaches its peak natural growth. This will allow your lawn to recover quickly. Aeration is good for lawns, but it can stress grass if timed improperly. Never aerate lawns too early or when a lawns is wet .

What to do after Aeration?

After you finish aerating your lawn, let the soil plugs dry where they fall or top-dress your lawn with fresh soil. They'll break down in rain or crumble the next time you mow, adding beneficial soil and organic matter to your lawn surface.

Right after aeration is done, it is the ideal time to over-seed and fertilize your lawn. Seeds and nutrients have direct contact with soil through the openings the aerator created and roots have a path to receive the things they need. The combination can help put your lawn on the fast track for quick seed establishment and thicker, lusher growth.

By adding aeration to your annual task list or doing regular compaction tests to check for need, you help ensure your lawn can reach its full potential for thickness, health and beauty. Marco's is committed to providing you with the finest grass seeds and Lawn Care Products to help you achieve your lawn goals.

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